Shaggie- Rebirth

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They were in the hallway of the bathroom when he put her down on her feet and pressed her against the wall. Their foreheads touching, nose brushing, Maggie reached up and captured his lips, moaning as their lips moved in sync.

'Hmm, someone's getting  feisty' Maggie murmured teasingly, seeing as Shane was drawn into her.
Shane pulled away looking into her shiny brown eyes.
'You want me to stop?' He asked.
'Stop and I'll kill you' Maggie answered.
Shane smiled before his lips was slammed back on hers.
'We can't have that' he said as he pulled her tank top off over her head, breaking their kiss for a mere second.
Maggie’s eyes drop down the floor and there stood Cesar with his mouth left hanging open starring at his owners.
'What are you looking at?' Maggie asks. 
Shane laughed before he opened the bathroom door and pulled Maggie in with him.
As soon as they were in the bathroom, Shane hoist her up against the door, distracting her with a deep kiss while he fought hard to remove her thights. He started getting frustrated which cause Maggie to pull away and laugh.
'Baby you can't do it that way, you're holding me up against a door for god's sake' she said.
Shane put her down on her feet and they begin to undress each other fairly.
'You're so perfect, I think you perfection will be the death of me some day' he said slowly and gently stripping off her panties from her legs. Maggie chuckled. He was everything but a gentleman.
They both got in the shower, with Maggie working on getting the water warm above them. Once she faced him, a pair of pink lips was smudging hers. Moaning to the feeling of softness, more like satin, Shane simply picked her up in his arms and back her up against the tile with the water splashing over their bodies.
'You're so beautiful and unique' He murmured, moving his lips to place a trail of kisses down her neck and collarbone, biting her and sucking gently on her skin.
Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him back to her lips, Maggie kissed him hard, enough with the talking, she already knew who he was and she sincerely loves it cause he’s a sweetheart but her, she wasn’t patient when it comes to hormonal feelings.
She heard Shane’s small chuckle at her impatience and bit his lip causing him to groan. His lips leaving hers once again as he kissed along her neck, and collarbone. He spent a split second just staring at her, before he brought his lips back on her.
She kissed him back, her tongue teasing the outline shape of his lips before she moved her mouth over to his left ear, nibbling and biting on it softly. “Stop teasing me or this will end badly” she whispered.
Shane laughed ‘Amen’ He said before he parted her legs.

An hour or so later, they pulled away from a passionate kiss breathlessly.
'That was a nice water saving.' Maggie panted 'we should do that more often.'
Shane nodded ‘yes. I agree and I’m looking forward to a repeat of that with Michael and Nikita’ he replied.
'You're a bad, naughty southern boy in that area.' Maggie applied.
Shane smirked
'I hope that's a good thing' he said.
'Aww yeah, most definitely.' Maggie replied.
With that said they both stepped out of the shower, there was only one clean towel left on the shelf. Maggie reached for it first, leaving Shane looking at her with a funny look.
'What? You wanna share a towel too?' Maggie asked smiling.
'Do I have a choice?' Shane laughed.
'No, unless you want to run butt naked to our bedroom, then good luck' Maggie said.
He rolled his eyes. Wrapping the large towel around them, they were spooned together walking out of the bathroom. When they stepped in the hall both exclaimed
'Oh my god, what the heck!' And the three dogs just stopped ripping the pillow couch with their sharp teeth.
Well apparently, they weren’t the only ones having fun…

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