Fanfic #3 - Shaggie

'Honey, we can have your afternoon on the couch later southern boy but right now I gotta teach you yoga' Maggie said, she was already in tights and a sport bra, her hair in a high ponytail, she was ready to go but her childish boyfriend wasn't.

'Just a few minute mags, I'm not dead yet' Shane said, more than focused in his video shooting game.
Oh my god, he’s going to drive me crazy! Maggie thought.
'Shannon!' She said, her voice serious.
Shane turned off the video game, turning to face Maggie, he pouted.
'I hate that name.' He said.
Maggie’s facade failed it’s attempt at being serious, seeing how cute he looked right now made her smile.
'I know, now come on' she said looking down on the corner, Pedro was spooned, hiding his face from being seen.
'You too Pedro!' She said.
Both Shane and Pedro groaned.
'Jesus christ, how did I end up with a lazy boyfriend and a lazy son?' Maggie said more to herself but Shane heard and chuckled, then picked up Pedro from the floor.
'Come on buddy, let's go to mommy's 'magical' yoga class' Shane said to Pedro, his voice full of sarcasm and emphasis causing Maggie to nudge him in his stomach.
'Ouch!' He moaned.

They were sitting on the large spacing balcony, it was silence and peaceful, Maggie was focused with her meditation while Shane was just doing random things.
When Maggie changed their position to a one foot stand for equilibrium, Shane begin to balance, almost falling.
'How are you even doing this?' He asked.
'I shut up, breathe and focus unlike you!' Maggie answered with closed eyes.
'Yoga and me are not the best of friends magpie.' Shane said his balance still shaky.
Maggie opened her eyes to see him struggle and doing something way different from yoga.
'Oh my, even Pedro is doing this better than you Shane' she said then stopped and took a sip of water.
'It's in his mommy's DNA, daddy doesn't know anything about yoga, he'd have to at least know something from mommy's side' Shane said.
Maggie rolled her eyes.
'Such a Goofball, anyways good job even though my attempt at teaching you anything about yoga failed' she said pecking his lips to give him a support that he'd do better next time. (Not that it would ever happen. But who knows!)
Shane started to take his shirt off halfway back into the house, sweat running down his back as if he did really do something very hard working to be all that sweaty, but that’s not what had Maggie lost into him when he started to help her prepare her veggie shake.
It was the sight of his nice muscular abs and muscles. Yeah, she had a lazy, hot boyfriend!
She was just adding things in the blinder without looking as she was so lost in his perfection, she had forgotten to put the blinder cap before starting to mix up the ingredients, and before she knew it, the green veggie splattered everywhere. On the counter, the walls, the cabinets, the fridge, even them. When she realized what a mess she made, she was close to tears but then an inaudible chuckle escaped Shane’s mouth, and she too busted out laughing uncontrollably, covering her face with her hands, as he hugged her to his chest.
'Oh mags!' He paused to catch his breath. 'Am I seriously that hot?' Shane asks.
'Don't flatter yourself. I just forgot to put the stupid cap on' Maggie said, still a little bit embarrassed.
'It's ok,' Shane said pulling her away from his chest to kiss her lips. 'Now I have a better reason to join you in the shower' he said.
'You're enjoying this way too much!' Maggie whispered against his lips. She found herself beginning to get lost in his eyes too and that was before she was swapped off her feet and thrown over his shoulders unexpectedly.
'Shane, freaking west, put me down!' She screamed but he didn't listen, he just kept walking to the direction of the bathroom with her in his arms.
'Nope, shower time!' Shane said. 

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